Friday, June 18, 2010

Bhopal & its Tragedy.

Bhopal & its Tragedy.
I was surely fortunate that my grandparents did not settle in Bhopal. I am surely fortunate that my father wasn’t transferred to Bhopal. And I am definitely fortunate because I wasn’t born blind; I wasn’t born with a deformed body. I was and I am fortunate to have born and still living a healthy life. But as many as a hundred thousand residents of Bhopal who in the midst of a wonderful calm night were chocked to death, many of whom were innocent children. They died a violent death of struggle. They died of a gas which was neither theirs nor the nations. They died of a gas which was more harmful than useful. Mothers might have had a tough time stopping their children from crying consoling them simultaneously bearing their burning eyes and chocking lungs. No water and no words could have stopped the burning sensation in their bodies. The Sun might have had a shock seeing a Peaceful, hardworking, loving city of nearly 50,000 people dead. Their bodies lay on the roads, in their homes and near wells and near hospitals. If somebody might have had some life in him he might have prayed the Lord for death.
Victims of Bhopal disaster asking for Warren A...         Image via WikipediaThose who died in the chill night of December 1984, I regard them as the Martyrs of our time. They died because of a selfish Government and a selfish corporate entity. And also those died on that night were some how and to some degree lucky and fortunate. Those died got a painful but quick exit but those who remained alive are the unfortunate ones because they have to fight everyday. Because for rest of their life they have to live in a constant state of fear, every night brings them the memories of the horror filled night. Every new day brings them new challenges. Babies are still born with deformed bodies; many of them are not mentally sound. The mothers are paying the price of somebody else’s doing. The cost cutting methods of the Union Carbide have proved costly, not to the Union Carbide but to the innocent people of a Peace loving city.
The whole country is in a state of confusion as to who must be blamed. And still more confusion in deciding who the real culprit is. Should we blame Warren Anderson or the state and the Central Government or should we blame the court and its Judges for giving such a silly punishment to the accused. In my opinion no one must be blamed but those who are responsible for the mass murder must be punished by the Court or else the public will have to take the law in their hand.
Once I killed a rat and still I feel that I killed a innocent animal. I think I must not have killed it. But when I see at the poster of Mr. Warren Anderson standing strong and brave I feel some what a lesser mortal and I think my crime is smaller I don’t know if Mr. Anderson’s heart is truly made of iron or is it of stone?. How can Mr. Anderson live a peaceful life after killing thousands of innocent people? Doesn’t his conscience hurt? If he had some humanity remaining in him then he would have surrender himself. If I were to compare him I would compare him to Adolf Hitler histories greatest tyrant. Yes Mr. Anderson is today’s Adolf Hitler. Even Ajmal Khasab is a little humane, when convicted and when the judge announced hanging till death, Khasab silently accepted the courts verdict. But here we have todays Ravan, Adolf Hitler and Alexander the great all compressed in one. Mr. Anderson has may be brains of Ravan, heart and will of Adolf Hitler and the charm of Alexander.
Just like Alexander tried to capture the world Mr. Anderson has captured the mind of the Indian Govt. And maybe also USA govt who instead of bringing him to justice are protecting him like a mother. The central govt has more skeletons in their closet than Bhopal itself. It is hurting to see the govt who in their election manifesto sworn by the name of Aam Admi. Let me ask the rulers where the Aam Admi is now, where is their election manifesto. Where are those promises claming to bring peace and equality?. Where is the enthusiasm with which they gave fierce speeches?. Did it die the day when the innocent brought you to power?.
The Indian people don’t mind driving on a muddy and potholed road. We the Indians don’t mind irregularities in drinking water. We don’t mind if there is any lack of civic necessities. But even after so much of compromise if we the Indians don’t get justice we cant control our temper. There will be huge protests and strikes if the govt will not bring the culprit to justice.
In the end I pray to the Lord to give the victims a place in heaven and peace and patience to those are suffering from the unfortunate accident. And I also pray to the Lord to give us the power and vision to choose a correct and responsible govt. And also I pray that the guilty be punished in a fitting manner.

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