Wednesday, May 12, 2010

At the End Of Life...

Eye death
Time again and again we face a situation where someone close to our heart leaves us. Someone close to our heart, may be your Parents or Spouse or friends, who ever the deceased may be our heart happens to ache. Such is the shock the we are not able to control our senses. I have seen many a hundred people who happen to die, with no warning they die, I say those people who die without any warning or any prolonged illness are the lucky ones because they do not give any chance of trouble to their near ones. Although most of us Indians are more willing to serve our ailing relative but when the suffering stretches over a long time, it is the human nature and we get bored.
And now I have returned from a funeral of a friend’s son. My friend was in a state of shock. The child was just 3 years old, he died of injuries after he felled from their two storied building in a posh locality. When I saw the Childs body I saw calm and smiling face as if he was he was playing a prank on us by acting as if he was sleeping. I myself was thinking that no he is not dead, this little flower is not dead. I stood there waiting to see if the child will get up. I don’t know what the child’s parents were thinking nor can I imagine their grief but I was also sad and feeling uneasy, my heart wanted to go back and run to my home. Tough I may look but I too have a heart that is softer than water and my heart melts when I see such things. Mostly I have tough time controlling myself from bursting into tears.

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