Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Get set goooo........

Now i am here at that part of the year when i have to sacrifice my sleep and have to struggle more than ever, to get more grades than the previous exam.Since i was a school goer i hated exams and i still do hate exams, i think what is the need to write the exams and if it is necessary to write exams then why should we get grades and marks just a pass or fail would do. I have seen many students who suffer from the exam-phobia, as soon as the exam season starts they start suffering from different illness, most of them are mental illness.There have been reports in the media that the ministry of HRD is planning to remove the grades and marks system. If this type of system is approved then parents will have tough time boasting about their children's grades and achievements. Parents may feel good seeing their child's grades but what goes inside the big school building is known only to the children, i say this grade system is just like the Cast system that was practiced in ancient India. Those who got A is a Brahmin and those who got B would be a little lesser and those who got C or D grade are the down-rotten students or citizens as in the ancient India. Should we abolish this type of Cast system/ bifurcation of students?.

From which school i come is well known in terms of education and sports, but there is this type of bifurcation of students. Students are judged according to the grades he gets and not by his overall activity. And moreover the weaker students never get a chance to showcase their talent let it be in sports or other activities. This way a good sports person is lost. I am tired of writing one exam after another, i am waiting for that time when students are valued of their talent and not of their grades in exams. I dont know how long will it take, but i am waiting...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Climate in my Ancestral City

At my Ancestral City.
The time was probably 5 o’clock and the climate had taken a U turn. With in half an hour the climate had changed. There were heavy cloud running(flying) in the sky with the winds that threatened to blow all the roofs in this Hilly City and the wok of the City Corporation has lightened as the roads were cleaned by the heavy winds.
At this time I was sitting with my cousin on the banks of the City’s Tank Bound, holding a bottle of Sprite it was no bakwas sitting there and enjoying the view of the water splashing the rocks like a tide in the sea. I love all the seasons and one must take a bit of every thing, like the heat of the summer sun and the chillness in the winter and the lovely scenes and torrential rain in the Monsoon. The learned men from the meteorological Department are trying to predict the monsoon ahead and it is believed that the monsoon will be a normal one, not like in the previous years, this year it will be a very pleasant. I Hope and pray the Almighty God to give us the rains and not drain us and neither deprive us with his Mercy…

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fed up with the Controversies...

Shashi Tharoor at the MEDEF Université d'étéI am fed up…
These days I am fed up reading controversy after controversy, some days ago it was Shoaib-Sania cricket meets tennis saga and now it is the Shashi Tharoor- Sunanda Pushkar-IPL controversy. I am fed up with reading controversies after controversies, will the media stop for some time just to give me a break. I stopped watching television long time ago because of the low quality content and now I think I am going to stop reading news paper because of the same reason. Yes these days the media seems to follow a specific trend created by some intelligent creative trend creator just take a look at the resent controversies and you will suspect something fishy.
Let me start with the Arushi Talwar murder case, soon after this murder there was the Moninder Singh Pandher who killed several underage children for reasons best known to him (you can read full report here Then went some more such similar mystery murders cases and then comes the long list of rapes and these are no usual rapes but the rapist is the victim’s father. This controversy was the medias chocolate and they dragged and stretched the news as if relishing a Dairy Milk Cadbury. Then came the Celebrity controversies on the top among them was the Shiney Ahuja’s and then came the political controversies in which Andhra Pradesh’s then Governer was blamed of having illicit relationship with some call girls (not to forget the Italian President Berlusconi’s infamous scandal).
And now recently it was the Swami Nithyananda’s scandal, and so on and so forth…It would take eternity to recollect all the controversies…..But coming back to the most recent Tharoor case, I would tell that Mr Tharoor is more satisfied in being in the media than in the parliament, if there was a competition in this regard Mr Tharoor would score a Olympic Gold in his category. If  Mr Tharoor resigns from the Parliament then he could host a Tv show specially for those affected with the Disease of Controversies.
To read all the crime reports visit

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sizling Summer

     42. Forty two, that’s not my age neither my favorite number but these days the people of my city are getting scared like in hell with a number like this. The news is reporting that our city scores the highest position in suffering from the scorching heat. The people in my city own A/c’s, coolers, fans and every appliance which can save us from the heat but the government, I think wants us to enjoy the Summer Season and they probably think that they are authorized in imposing God’s will upon the masses. The government gift this season to the people is the lovely load shedding. Load shedding what a lovely name and what a lovely gift to the people of the Sun City which has a history and it is a known fact that in summers the temperature reaches a mighty 46-48 C and sometimes if the Sun decides the count can reach up to 50. With such a heat, this season we are sitting holding the remote of our A/C’s and praying to God to give life to our costly and sophisticate A/C’s. Unfortunately to the people of my city there are no important elections around, otherwise the situation would have been better. One short tour in the SunCity will tell you tales of the richness of the people but not of the Govt. Every where you see you will find people with the latest mobiles, laptops and other latest Gadgets but all you will see is all the gadgets are empty with the magical Electricity.

But this season is teaching me something that no body can probably teach, the first thing I learnt is to enjoy every season what ever it might be. The second thing that I learned is to be PATIENT and wait for the right time to end our suffering.

This season I wish every one A VERY COOL SUMMER…

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