Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trust and Distrust

Showtafel Marketing Management     Probably my whole life will be full of struggles. I don’t mind struggling but what if the struggle is in return to your trust. Today personally I think cheated, cheated by a smart, probably over-smart marketing manager. I know the manager was just doing her bit of work for the mutual organizational growth. But what she forgot that the organization, which she was, representing was not mentally prepared to fulfill the promises made. Ah! When you feel cheated you know what the meaning of the word PROMISE stands for. It just is a empty bubble or balloon filled with helium or what ever the gas is which makes the balloons go up in the air, and when it reaches the sky and it cant control the atmospheric pressure and it bursts off with a silent puff. What is left is the empty skin, going downwards, showcasing its emptiness and its impotent state. How can such a big and wise looking person fail in such a shot duration, do they ever notice the futures and emotions attached with their boosting and promises. I think I was blind or was I blinded with such a good marketing strategy or I was blind in seeing and choosing a better option. I think, I must figure out what went wrong while I was making the most important decision of my life.

I don’t know how I trusted those empty promises except that my decision had my own emotions attached to it. I wanted to make sure that the organization, which I was joining, should be a better one and they must be in their struggling phase of their institutional growth, so that my own struggle can be appreciated, but what I found there was a heap of dead meat in the guise of promises and also I found that these people nether struggle neither do they encourage the struggle ones. But I am not one of those people, not at all one of those silly people who shy off with the fear of failure and I have failed many a times in my life but this time I failed because the mistake wasn’t truly mine. And this type of failure acts as a fuel and ignites the will and the passion of the person and I feel a strange kind of strength and power running in my veins. And this fuel will surely make my life’s struggle more and more adventurous if not easy.

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