Sunday, August 2, 2009


Poem written by Irfan Soudagar

The Noble Higher Primary School, Gulbarga.


Farewell to my Alma Mater.
An institution to learn.
to learn, to excel.
to learn, to earn respect.
to earn,to be happy.
The memories hound.
the days of innocence.
the days, at young.
the days, to understand.
the days, to be awesome.
It taught us magic.
magic to posses deeds.
magic of spoken words.
magic of attitude.
to reach the up teem altitude.
Farewell to my Alma mater.
a wish to have it again..
I own you debt,my Alma Mater.
I accept you to never disrespect.
I'm insane if ever I forget u,
my Alma mater.

-Written by Irfan Soudagar

[Its been 20 years of my study ....{great!}
it never seemed me that I was so older{this is magic of school life}
Everything is going to change..its just a few lines to all the institution in which I have studied]

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