Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Climate in my Ancestral City

At my Ancestral City.
The time was probably 5 o’clock and the climate had taken a U turn. With in half an hour the climate had changed. There were heavy cloud running(flying) in the sky with the winds that threatened to blow all the roofs in this Hilly City and the wok of the City Corporation has lightened as the roads were cleaned by the heavy winds.
At this time I was sitting with my cousin on the banks of the City’s Tank Bound, holding a bottle of Sprite it was no bakwas sitting there and enjoying the view of the water splashing the rocks like a tide in the sea. I love all the seasons and one must take a bit of every thing, like the heat of the summer sun and the chillness in the winter and the lovely scenes and torrential rain in the Monsoon. The learned men from the meteorological Department are trying to predict the monsoon ahead and it is believed that the monsoon will be a normal one, not like in the previous years, this year it will be a very pleasant. I Hope and pray the Almighty God to give us the rains and not drain us and neither deprive us with his Mercy…

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