Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Shrinking Change:The Mobile.

Mobile phone evolutionSiemens in 1999 and in those days mobile phones were bulky and heavy [and also ugly]. The appearance of this mobile was similar to a cordless phone, with a two inch antenna and with a one by three inch screen, also it had receive and end call button followed by zero to nine keys and star and hash keys. To my surprise the phone also had a memory capacity which could store 20 contacts. The battery backup was not more than 5 hours.
The major function of this mobile phone was tele-communication. And as there were very less number of mobile phone users and the cost of SMSing very high no one used to send SMS.

The scene has changed totally in the last decade. The once bulky,costly mobile phone has changed to a more stylish,light weight and colorful. It is no more just a tele-communication tool but it has changed to more useful communication, entertainment, educational gadget. We can do more or less what a Computer does.

The mobile phone industry has provided hundreds and thousands of masses with jobs and a mode to earn livelihood. With hundreds of service providers and manufacturers and thousands of dealer and retailers and repairers, this industry has benefited every one, big or small.

The marketing business is expanding as never before in the history. In older times the only way to market ones products was newspapers, cut-out posters and the costly television. But with the development of mobiles the marketing is getting cheaper as one can market our products through SMS & GPRS.

Technology is the other name for change and no one really knows what change we shall see with a new raising sun.

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