Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life in SunCity

Wats life Uhhh
some people say it…as its way.
Love, hate.
Life love it, life hate it .
This sounds weird, life is love ,life is hate…..nah its you who have to love or to hate.
Every person has his own perspective of thinking about life.
But one thing is always clear nothing is permanent neither perfect.
You have to ,you must , make it perfect …...sounds unnatural .

A…aaaListen it ,hear it, feel it ..….

whatever understand it “Get me some cold water,Manish”,said sham father of three sons.
“yup dadaji” replied Manish.
Welcome to SUNCITY..
The city were sun never sets…funny.
I mean it sets but never it seems…..mid night 3’0clock temperature something 40 plus..
Oh yeah really its not a fairly tail,
its realityCome on u people have to believe it, its true
Oh no don’t ever think its in hell, its on earth.
It was very hot….
Voww hot….I mean temperature was hot,nothing else in the city is hot accept climate.People of this city are very cool…admirable..check it.

“Dadaji take this pot of water & don’t waste more as there is very little water in home”said manish.
[never wonder the people are coolest as this guy manish straight foreward….actually he meant“you old scraped item, dont use this pot of water…you ugly shrinken plant…good for nothing…y u need water].
“and I don’t want to waste my time in fetching” reasoned manish.
[oh one of the greatest quality of the people here , “instant reasoning“…with some reality].
“and I have to go to coaching class “ said manish.
[ coaching class is “birth right for every child in suncity“ .
it’s a matter of pride.
Ask any father …..they say..Oh my son is going 4 extra class…he has extended his studying time..barely has time to enjoy.And the son is freaking out on his bike, never & ever in class and ever &forever on roadside.”]

“ok my son I don’t even want you to do that” politely said sham the dadaji.A flash of his past came to his mind were his son , when he was small, unable to speak, used to throw mug full of water, wash his hand in the drum full of water sometimes spit or shit in it but the very thing was different, the son was too young and everyone would have a laugh at his sons mischief….but the time had changed..
Since he was daddaji….in his second innings .
[what why?]
Then why???
“Why people cannot adjust with the change in nature & attitude, which is bound to come at old age”…dadaji thinks as if impatiently , thinking about the nature & attitude of his son.

Why can’t dad go around & do some usefull thing”said ram the eldest son.“ see he is a learnt man & have been through every piece of life & have tasted every corner of life…...he has got lots of experience & knowledge “said in tone of command,
[in an commanding tone as colonel’s, brigrader’s do so….as he was the eldest…he is bound to some attitudeness…here in suncity every eldest has things comman.
He has an elderness in his feeling….awkard…whats this elderness.
Its awesome..its feeling of power, an ownership, a sense of decision making ,… leaderYeah
its true ….leader…but not an admirable one. …
the eldest will be the power control of their respective homes, owner and ofcourse leading their families, their way…its awesome…really awesome …of course awesome….what an excellent…awesome…fantastic awesome….power…..again awesome].
The eldest son thinks that his father should do something & he thinks it right becoz he thinks it
“no confirmation” about his something & thinking.
“no rethinking “ becoz he is elder.
“no twice thinking” becoz he is the born first in family….so he hates doing thing twice.
“am I wrong…say…say…you my brother say….”asked the eldest.[ as if he is an humble , melodious , sincere .shamefull, embrassed man…ready to accept the decision of his bro…
yeah it common ….
younger’s never disagree their elder folk…becoz they respect…….{wait for it}…..
Their mobile and the person on the other end….]
“Thumps up” signs the younger bro with mobile in this other hand….and a big cresent smile..

“oh god what has happened to this world” said rukmini..the only….only and only….wife on sham , who is alive….yes….yes……he had two wife who died earlier.
[this phrase is common on suncity…every old lady has been gifted or inherited from their elder lady “holy phrase” they say.]
“everyone are taunting my husband, he is an old man , why don’t they let him die in peace”…[yes…that true every old lady wishes that his man should die …should in peace…never thought he might live a longer life{uh wiered idea}…but die…]
“all children has got their share, then why why…this..” she starting sobbing.
[never an old lady in suncity forgets of telling about the share…and their properties…never & ever..]
“ oh amma don’t think about this just relax” the uneducated eldest wife .
“amma life is not perfect we have to make it perfect ….becoz everthing around life is perfect…
the only thing is to utillise it to make life perfect….”
“see the earth is moving around its axis & sun at its place, we have water on earth…what if water was on moon….”said the eldest wife.
[wife…particularly eldest… can never stop two things in suncity….the saas--babu saga,,their favorite T.V soaps, serials and the eldest wife’s from giving lecture…..actually its an explanation…every minute thing is followed by an detailed explanation..]
“oh didi please stop this non-sense stuff…..”said the wife of 2nd sons & mother of manish.

This is life every human has his own perspective, neither are wrong when spoken in an suggestional tone,but when the same conversation is in unwanted tone[angry]Look there’s an hell out of it.

“Shot in air”…..zzzzzzzip.Manish hit the ball harder playing cricket in front of home.
[yo people in suncity play outdoor games…..amazing
What ?You thought that people prefer to stay inside the home within a/c apartment…
Bold…bold….vary bold….people are here..They never check the climate, just they are out with their play kit…]
Wat a misery…the ball hit the chair were dadaji used to sit in his verandah..Manish came hurriedly and started to argue with dadaji [unwanted tone] who just came out into varendah.
“dadaji don’t sit here, go…go inside” shouted in angrily.
“he pleased his friends to wait a minute”
[people in suncity are very good friends..they have everthing in them….]
Manish mother came hurriedly “oh God ….oh Goh”…“this old people will screw my kids one ““papa why don’t you go inside & have rest”
“it is necessary to be in varendah and watch the people around….you may get hurt
[son say’s to go out to do work….daughter in laws say’s to sit inside..]
“papa don’t get yourself hurt and you would curse my son for no reasons.”said Manish’s momThe other day sonu had hit the ball directly to dadaji..& in angry dadaji said “you will be punished”..Few days laterAccidently manish fell from stairs “his mother made a hell out of it & of course blamed on her father-in-law for the accident”
[people in suncity also play indoor games ,one of the most popular in door game one can see , and it is played by every individual that is called “BLAME GAME”….when you fail to do something ..the failure will be atttribute to some one & their the games start now…] The elder son came running and shouting on his dad..“Dad …dad…what is this…”“ I am tired from morning till evening I rub my ass ““and you don’t even bother too move around & help me” said the elder.“if you are old it doesn’t mean you have to be served each and everything..”.“”dammit you have ruined my mood…I don’t know what you want to do..”.Since sham had listened everything said by everyone & never dare to open his mouth..he just went inside and thought that “am I a boxing bag…whoever wants starts punching at me”“this is insane …..”thought neversouly.He sat on his rest chair,remover his eyeglass ….closed his eye…facing towards sky…Unspeakable ….his mouth shivering ..sadness struck on his face….an horrified sham…Feeling embarrassed….water dripping through his eyes forming a stream on his neck…his face has shrunk …tired could be felt…the loneliness….the stillness around the room …..made him even fear….he closed his eyes tightly..
[ this isn’t end bro….when you are alone…feared…tired …hungry….you get an companion easily…sham’s wife came in the room …switched on the face and the tape recorder….which play the song by the legend songer “kishore kumar”…zindagi ek safar hai suhan …yaha kal kya ho kisne jana] ........................... -WRITTEN BY -IRFAN SOUDAGAR

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